Window Cleaning Bulwell NG6 Nottingham

window-cleaning-Bulwell-NG6Need a window cleaning in Bulwell NG6 Nottingham? To maintain the highest quality and the most efficient way of window cleaning in Nottingham, Shiny Windows use a range of window cleaning techniques.
We clean windows using the traditional method (squeegee and bucket) or we can clean windows with innovative water fed pole system and pure water.

– Shiny Windows perform services at your convenience and are flexible in terms of days and times.
– What you are going to pay on the day is the price we offer. We’re not adding extras.
– As standard, all frames, sills and doors are washed at no additional cost.

Why Regular Window Cleaning is Necessary?

Regular window cleaning is necessary because dirt and mould can be found in window seals and frames. Something that not only makes the UPVC look dated and worn but can also cause condensation within double glazing.
Furthermore, cleaning of windows is essential because it helps to eliminate particles and pollutants that have accumulated on the glass and have blocked the penetration of natural light within.
If you hire a professional window cleaning service to clean windows, you can not only help increase their overall image but you can also help remove dirt, grime and pathogens that can lead to health problems.

The Benefits Of Reach & Wash Window Cleaning System

We have the equipment to clean windows that are uncomfortable and difficult to reach; we use telescopic water fed poles that supply filtered water, for example, when handling those situated above conservatory roofs.

Purified water is deionized by a vessel, meaning that all minerals have been extracted and when the water dries on the surface, this then leaves spotless finish.
Rich and wash system helps us to provide reliable window cleaning service to customers in Bulwell NG6 area.
We can clean previously inaccessible areas of the home or business.

We Use Traditional And Water Fed Pole System Methods

We are qualified window cleaners and have public liability insurance protection.
Depending on the service, our use of both: traditional window cleaning methods (squeegee and bucket) and the more modern pure water method.
Water fed pole system enables us to work from the protection of the ground. We have the opportunity to reach difficult and high-level windows up to several storeys in height.

Experienced Gutter Cleaners in Bulwell NG6 Nottingham

Shiny Windows have experienced gutter cleaners in Bulwell NG6 Nottingham. We provide residential and commercial gutter cleaning—we clear gutters and downpipes. Our operators work from the protection of the ground using the sky vac system.
We are available to clear blocked and overflowing gutters in Bulwell NG6 for one-off gutter cleaning or can provide regular maintenance to keep gutters clean and free from blockages. In Nottingham and surrounding areas, we also perform a range of exterior cleaning services, for example, conservatory cleaning, solar panel cleaning or soffit & fascias cleaning.