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Get High-Quality Conservatory Cleaning in Nottingham

Shiny Windows provides conservatory cleaning services to clients in Nottingham and the surrounding Bay area.Can you remember how your conservatory looked when it was first installed? Does it still look as good, or could it be in need of a spring clean? When your conservatory starts to get grimy, it can be not very easy to know what to do or whom to contact.

Protect Your Investment With Full Cleaning Service

Protect your investment with our full external conservatory cleaning service for the removal of all moss, mould, bird droppings and general grime.Your conservatory is possibly one of the most significant investments you make in your home. A well-maintained conservatory will give you many years of pleasure, and a regular conservatory cleaning programme will keep it in tip-top condition. Keeping it in excellent condition will also help to add real value to your home.

How We Clean Conservatory

Some clients try to clean the conservatory by themselves only to realise how difficult this is. Our cleaners will clean the entire uPVC frame to remove all build-ups of algae, bird droppings, moss and other deposits. We can also clean and clear the gutters of your conservatory. We will clean your conservatory in one of two ways – either using wash pure water system or by hand. Shiny Windows strongly recommend having the conservatory cleaned at least twice a year. Cleaning the conservatory in time for the summer and spring months can make all the difference as this is the time when you are making the most of it.

Why Is Pure Water The Best For Conservatory Cleaning

For conservatory cleaning, we use pure water (distilled water), which has been filtered of all additives and contaminants using a process known as reverse osmosis. This water attracts dirt and enables us to provide a fast and efficient service, while at the same time giving superior results, and leaves your conservatory with a gleaming, streak-free finish.

To arrange for a free conservatory cleaning assessment and a firm quote, call us now on 07826852378 or, if you prefer, contact us via our contact form and we will call you back the same day. We look forward to hearing from you.




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