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Is your conservatory showing signs of wear and tear, with a noticeable buildup of dirt and algae, or has it just been impacted by daily pollutants?

Shiny Windows offers outstanding conservatory cleaning services, including conservatory valet, for residents in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

A conservatory can add extra space and enhance the value of your property, appearing stunning when newly installed. However, its appearance can rapidly deteriorate due to exposure to elements like the sun, wind, rain, dust, mould, mildew, algae, and pollution.

Conservatory manufacturers advise regularly cleaning your extension to maintain its appearance and performance and prevent costly repairs caused by long-term damage.

Our professional conservatory cleaners take great care to keep your conservatory in top condition all year round, serving the entire Nottingham area.

Conservatory Cleaning Inside and Outside

outside conservatory cleaning

We provide a complete cleaning service for your inside and outside conservatory. Our team uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that every nook and cranny of your conservatory is left spotless. We even polish all glass panels to give your conservatory a fresh look.

Our biocide treatment eliminates algae, preventing it from returning and ensuring your conservatory stays cleaner for longer.

For outside cleaning, we use the most effective form of window cleaning – water-fed pole equipment with pure water. It allows us to clean your conservatory quickly and efficiently. We use traditional methods like squeegees, buckets, microfiber cloths, and ladders for internal cleaning, producing outstanding results.

Our experts will clean all aspects of your conservatory, including:

  • Glass Panes
  • UPVC Frames

  • Doors

  • Trims

  • Finials

  • Crestings

  • Decorative Mouldings

  • Window Sills

  • Ledges

  • Gutters and Downpipes

inside conservatory cleaning

We clean all styles and types of conservatories in Nottingham

Conservatory Styles

  • Victorian

  • Double-Hip

  • Gable

  • Lean-To

  • Edwardian

  • L-Shaped

  • P-Shaped

  • T-Shaped

Conservatory Types

  • Polycarbonate roofs

  • Glass roofs

  • Hybrid roofs

  • Lantern Roofs

  • DIY porches

  • Orangeries

  • Bespoke Conservatories

  • Large Conservatories

conservatory styles and types

Conservatory roof cleaning

Shiny Windows offers expert conservatory roof cleaning services throughout Nottingham and its surrounding boroughs. Conservatories are delicate structures that require significant care to maintain their appearance. However, they can be damaged easily and are costly to fix.

We don’t use a pressure washer because it can brake seals around the glass and cause leaks and other issues. We use a safe water-fed pole system with purified water and special products and detergents to give conservatories an unending cleanliness and a transparent shine. Reach & wash technology uses a gentle water flow to protect your conservatory roof from damage.

Whether your roof is glass or polycarbonate, our team have the expertise to clean it thoroughly, leaving it free of stains, moss or algae. We also use professional cleaning equipment such as conservatory access ladders and extra-large step or platform ladders to clean hard-to-reach areas safely. Our thorough approach will leave your conservatory roof looking perfectly clean.

conservatory roof cleaning

Regular Window Cleaning

Keeping your conservatory looking pristine and functioning properly requires regular window cleaning. Over time, grime and dirt can accumulate on the windows and block natural sunlight from entering the space. By scheduling regular cleaning appointments for your conservatory windows, you can ensure that it remains clean, safe, and inviting.

conservatory elements

The price of conservatory cleaning varies depending on the size of the conservatory and the amount of cleaning required, such as the roof only or the whole structure. If you need your conservatory’s roof cleaned, our price is approximately £8-12 per roof panel.

However, to get a more accurate estimate for cleaning your conservatory outside and inside, please get in touch with us over the phone. We provide a range of services, from a simple roof cleaning to a thorough deep clean, to meet the needs of all our clients.

Here are our price ranges for conservatory external and internal cleaning:


  • Small (up to 10 square meters): £60-£90
  • Medium (10-20 square meters): £100-£140
  • Large (over 20 square meters): £140-£180


  • Small (up to 10 square meters): £90-£140
  • Medium (10-20 square meters): £130-£160
  • Large (over 20 square meters): £180-£220

Crestings and finials are decorative elements commonly found in conservatories and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Crestings are winding ridges or elevated patterns typically added at the height of a conservatory roof to create a beautiful finish and a practical feature to keep rainfall out of the building. On the other hand, finials, which come in various forms and sizes and are beautiful structures that sit atop the crestings, bring a touch of refinement to the conservatory’s architecture. In addition to their aesthetic value, they can also be used to help regulate the temperature within the greenhouse by allowing for the release of hot air that can accumulate at the top of the structure.

When the cleaner comes to clean your conservatory, you don’t need to be at home. Just remember to leave the back gate open. If your conservatory requires an internal cleaning service, you can leave keys with the cleaner.

Taking care of your conservatory is essential to ensure it lasts a long time and remains in excellent condition. One of the most important aspects of maintaining a greenhouse is regular cleaning. Manufacturers recommend cleaning the conservatory at least twice a year to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime that could cause damage. It’s particularly crucial to wash the glass roof every four to six months to avoid deterioration and to keep it looking new. Additionally, you should consider an annual service that includes cleaning the gutters and downpipes. With proper care and attention, a contemporary uPVC conservatory can last up to 25 years or more, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.