Window Cleaning Arnold NG5 Nottingham


Shiny Windows provides top quality, reliable window cleaning services in Arnold NG5 Nottingham

Do you need reliable window cleaning in the Arnold area?
Shiny Windows is a high-quality window cleaning company that provides professional window cleaning services to Arnold NG5 Nottingham customers.
We offer both domestic window cleaning and commercial cleaning service, depending on your required services.

We also offer regular (routine) or one-off window cleaning services to keep windows looking best.
We recommend that you clean them regularly to avoid dust
As part of our services, we always clean window frames and sills to ensure your property is in perfect clean conditions.

Regardless of the size of your property, we offer a no-cost form for both regular window cleaning services and one-time window cleaning services.
We are committed to providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.
Our company will give our best to meet your expectations. And we cover all regions of Nottingham including the Arnold area.

Shiny Windows Cleaning has invested in a purified water cleaning system to ensure perfect performance for everyone. All works are 100% job guaranteed. Performed by an experienced work team.

We provide windows cleaning in residential and commercial properties within the Nottingham space with water fed poles and pure water masts up to 60 feet. No task is too big or too small. Including all frames, sills and doors.

Contact us at Shiny Windows Cleaning for a no-obligation quote for our growing client base. We are available by phone or email, and someone will check your property on the day of the call or future business day. Most window cleansing can even be done 48hours once the value agreement is reached. To brighten your windows, call us right away.

Domestic Window Cleaning in Arnold NG5 Area

We provide regular window maintenance in many areas of Nottingham. Our Shiny Windows cleaning team can take care of everything from a small home in Nottingham to a Mansion. We not only clean windows, but we also clean frames and sills.

Don’t worry if you haven’t washed your windows in a while; we will make them shine again soon. Shiny Windows offers professional and reliable window cleaning services in Nottingham. We have extensive experience providing quality services.

Our team uses purified water and water-fed poles methods to work, which means no ladder does not damage the bricks and tiles. We use pure water, free from chemicals and pollutants, harmless and environmentally safe.

 Commercial Window Cleaning in Arnold NG5

Regardless of the type of window cleaning service you need in Nottingham, you can be sure that Shiny Windows cleaning service has the skills and experience to tackle your most challenging job.

At Shiny Windows, we believe we can deliver exceptional service and attention to details. And our Nottingham clients trust us for the most special job delivery. We wash windows in Nottingham’s commercial buildings, including offices, flats building, universities, schools, hotels, guest houses, and commercial buildings.

As one of the best window cleaning companies in Nottingham, we pride ourselves in the Nottingham region, providing first-class professional services at competitive prices. We have a wide and varied customer base that trusted our company to keep their work in perfect shape.

If you have a commercial property that needs cleaning, we will be happy to provide you with a risk assessment and adequate insurance. We can create a professional check and analyze your needs on time. We will then provide you with a full written evaluation of the work.

Our team is friendly, reliable, and has extensive customer experience. We are professionals in our field and will be happy to provide you with high-quality services without interference with your business.

If you want us to clean at a specific time that is convenient for your business, we will always give our best. Commercial window cleaning can give your office a fresh look. In a highly competitive business world, it is essential to be professional. It all starts with cleaning. Even if the building looks dust-free, dirty windows will degrade the image quality. As with other aspects, this aspect of the service is also essential.

To gain a competitive advantage and improve business prospects, it is crucial that the business environment positively impacts existing and potential suppliers, partners, and customers. Every part of the office, including the windows, should be perfectly clean, light, and bright. Regardless of type and location in Nottingham, our commercial cleaners will keep your windows as bright as new.

Our Cleaning Process              

Water Fed Pole System (WFP)

The water fed poles, commonly known as WFP, are long-distance extendable poles through which pure water can be pumped and sprayed onto the glass through a brush head. Then, when the water dissolves the dirt, the brush will shake the glass or frame, rinse it with continuous cold, clean water.

At Shiny Windows, we use the latest window cleaning water fed poles and equipment. With a fantastic result that will surprise you! We can reach a height of 60 feet, and even the most uncomfortable place windows will be cleaned.
Using water poles to clean windows more or less does not include using the stairs. This cleaning method will secure your lawn, gutters, bricks, etc. with no damage, in addition to protecting your privacy.

At Shiny Windows, hard-to-reach windows aren’t an issue. Using water-fed poles, we can easily access these windows, clean frames, and window sills. There are no ladders and no danger of damaging the conservatory ceiling.

 Advantages of WFP

  • Environmental protection
    – On the premise of respecting privacy and property, you; ll be able to clean high-placed windows without ladders.
    – Easy access to hard-to-reach windows above the balcony or garage.|
    – Can effectively clean all UPVC, like door sills and frames.
    – Without the use of any chemicals or soap

  Pure Water

Shiny windows Cleaner pumps 100 per cent pure water through our poles into your windows, use a soft brush to clean away all the dirt,  perform a final rinse of your windows so that your windows area unit freed from stains. With this method, window frames and window sills also are enclosed within the cleansing process.

Pure water undergoes a filtration process that helps filters out all contaminants naturally generated in water; that’s why purified water is usually employed in several industries. These include minerals, calcium, and limescale deposits that cause water hardness. If ordinary water is employed on the glass, however not properly cleansed, it leaves white spots and stains with hard water deposits. Our pure water ensures it’s dry for a transparent, tingling result, and your windows look brighter than ever.

The filtration method thoroughly removes all impurities, which imply, it’s clean once used on glass. Pure water helps keep your windows completely clean, and our additives will offer them an additional shine.

Internal and External Professional Window Cleaning

Shiny windows provide indoor and outdoor window cleaning services in the Nottingham area. We clean all windows inside and out, including doors and


We provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor cleaning services for commercial and residential use. The range of cleaning services includes windows, doors, frames, window sills, walkways, terraces, pavements, paving stones, terraces, gutters, exterior walls, foundations, greenhouses, garages, cushions, garden furniture, siding, etc.

How do we work?

  • Call or email Shiny Windows to get started.
  • Let us know the size of your property to calculate the number of windows to be cleaned.
  • Please choose the right time and date for our window cleaner.
  • We will spare no effort to cooperate with our dedicated team to add sparkle to your windows.