Window Cleaning FAQ’s

What are the pros of using the Pure Water System?

There is no need for detergent to use only water, which is safer for the atmosphere and makes windows cleaner because there is no detergent residue to stick to soil.

Frames and sills are washed at the same time as your window, and will not be scratched by standing on a ladder.

It is possible to clean Windows which are inaccessible to ladders, like windows above conservatories.

Using the pure water system eliminates the risk of an accident involving a window cleaner on your estate. It’s important to note that many traditional window cleaners are uninsured, which could mean a legal headache on your premises if one is injured. 

The pure water provides shiny results. In our opinion, windows which are cleaned with pure water stay that little bit cleaner from a week to a fortnight longer than cleaning methods using a water detergent.

How does a Water Fed Pole System work?

Water is passed through a series of filters to remove all impurities, leaving it completely pure, without any bits. The purified water is then pumped to a soft brush onto a telescopic pole. The brush agitates the mud, and it is rinsed away by filtered water. Pure water is then left to dry naturally on the windows without leaving any streaks or watermarks.

Do you always come on the same day of the week?

We can’t guarantee you’ll be cleaned every clean on the same day of the week, but we do provide an SMS notification service for people who need it.

How can I pay if I’m not at home while my windows are cleaned?

On the day of the cleaning, we place a call card invoice through your post box. Customers can conveniently pay online via GoCardless on our website, via BACS and your bank’s Standing Order. Please use your house number, street name and postal code as your payment reference.

Do you clean the conservatory roof?

Yes, we do, but this is cleaned and quoted separately on request. It is not included in your standard window cleaning quotation.

Will you be able to do the service if I’m not at home?

There are several possibilities. We can call or text ahead, and arrange that you leave a garden gate open, or use ladders to reach it. We will work out any arrangements with you in advance. If we can’t get access to the back of your property due to locked doors, we’ll clean the front and side of your home and charge approximately 75 % of the total clean price.

How much will I pay for the service?

Every property is different, and prices vary according to size and number of windows to be cleaned. Access issues are also to be taken into consideration. We’ll be happy to come and have a look at your house and provide a quote free of charge.

How can I pay for the service?

We take payments to meet your personal needs. Residential and domestic customers can pay by cash. The payment can be made online via GoCardless on our website, via BACS and your bank’s Standing Order. Please use your house number, street name and postal code as your payment reference if using an online method of payment.

How often should my windows be cleaned?

We get asked this question very often, and there is no proper answer as it depends on a range of factors.

To begin with, it all comes down to you and your personal preferences; some people would have their windows cleaned every single week if they could or had the time to do it.

Others prefer to have them cleaned once or twice a year however that isn’t something we would recommend as we get lots of houses for a first clean that are badly stained from having dirt sat on a window for too long that has now eaten into the frames. When this happens, it means the only option is either restoration or in the worst-case scenario, a complete replacement.

The rule of thumb is four weekly keeps your windows and frames regularly clean. Whereas every eight weeks you will see them being noticeably dirty and as such cleaning them then will give you the most significant impact but still keep on top of it, so there isn’t a chance for anything to stain or cause any damage.

Areas with lots of overhanging or nearby trees we always suggest are done every four weeks because the sap, leaves and dust causes them to look dirty a lot quicker.

How can I arrange for you to come and clean my windows?

Just call us, and we’ll book you in for a free quote. You don’t have to do anything for regular cleaning. After the first service, we will book you in a monthly slot. We will then send you a reminder by text or email before we come.

Do you clean the windows on a rainy day?

Sure, we can. The system of pure water purification is still useful in the rain. Rainwater is relatively pure, so the quality of the clean is not affected. If you’d instead reschedule, that’s fine. We’re so confident in our service, though, that if you’re not completely satisfied with your cleaning, we’ll come back and correct it free of charge.

What can you do if I am not happy with your service?

This is very simple – if you’re not completely satisfied with our service, call us, and we’ll arrange to come and clean your windows again free of charge.

Will you notify me about your visit?

We do provide an SMS notification service. The message is normally sent the day prior to our visit.

Do you offer an internal window cleaning service?

Yes, we do, but this service is quoted separately on request.

Do you clean all year round?

Yes we clean windows all year. We don’t work in heavy snow, strong winds or heavy rain/thunderstorms though.

Can I cancel my window cleaning service at any time?

Yes, of course. You can give us a call or send us an email to inform us about your decision. Please let us know about the reason for your cancellation.

Do you offer a one-off clean service?

Yes, we do. Some clients are in need of a one-off wash. These are charged at a higher rate than regular service as more cleaning is often required in the windows.

Gutter Cleaning FAQ’s

Do I need professional gutter cleaning, and why?

Your guttering is a vital component of the drainage system in your property, and it’s vital that you maintain it well. The special device we use allows us to locate and study affected parts which can not be seen from ground level. Clogged gutters can result in accidents such as side damage, mold growth inside and outside the walls, flooded basements, and damage to the property’s foundations.

How do you clean gutters?

Our innovative gutter cleaning vacuum is equipped with an extendable 10 m telescopic pole with a camera attached to the end. This helps us to view your gutter ‘s interior and to conduct cleaning from ground level. Pictures of your guttering condition will be taken before and after the service has been completed so you can see what we did.

How often do my gutters need to be cleaned?

A systematic gutter cleaning schedule is crucial to maintaining optimal efficiency for your gutter system. Once in the spring and once in the fall should be enough for the average home without a multitude of trees in the area. Hoover if the trees surround your home you might need to clean your gutters more often. Without a regular cleaning, gutters become full of moss leaves twigs and other debris making your gutter heavy and likely to become damaged. Heavy guttering can pull away from the wall resulting in water damage to property. 

As water overflows, it leaks behind/over the top of the gutter and can travel into your home or damage the front of your property, usually soffit and fascia boards.

It’s better to have your guttering cleaned before the build-up results in leaking gutters, reducing the potential risk of your property suffering water damage.

What are the typical gutter cleaning prices?

We always ensure the very highest gutter cleaning standards for domestic and residential customers throughout Nottingham. We are dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective service to every customer.

Prices for Gutter cleaning differ according to the size of your home and the number of levels it has.

Call us so we can give you an instant price for gutter cleaning and clearing. No hidden charges! The price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all parts of Nottingham and its surroundings. Contact us over the phone to receive more information. Alternatively, enter your details into our website’s contact form.

Do you use scaffolding to clean gutters?

No, there is not scaffolding required to clean the gutters. We can use very high ladders if needed, but in most cases, we use Gutter Vacuum and clean the gutters from the ground level.

Why choose us to clear blocked gutters in Nottingham?

Our gutter vacuum cleaning equipment reaches up to three storeys.
The gutter vacuum system is safe and  reduces costs
We clear gutters above conservatories as well as hard to reach places.
Our cameras show before and after pictures of your gutters.
Our friendly, reliable cleaning staff provide cost-effective and efficient gutter cleaning.