Window Cleaning FAQ’s

Pure water window cleaning, also known as reach and wash or water-fed pole system, is a modern and efficient way to clean windows.

Unlike traditional methods, reach and wash utilise lightweight telescopic poles with a fixed soft brush head at the end. A brush with jets sprays water on the windows, and the cleaner uses it to clean the glass, plastic frames, and sills.

Using purified water in this method removes the streaking and unsightly spotting caused by minerals and other particles found in tap water. It also means we don’t need to dry the window since the purified water does not leave any residue. It’s an efficient and more eco-friendly cleaning way to get streak-free windows.

A Look into the Pure Water Window Cleaning Process


Scrub the dirt

We use a water-fed pole and brush to scrub the windows and frames to loosen any dirt.

Thoroughly rinse away dirt and debris.

Once the dirt is loosened, we use only purified water to rinse it off thoroughly to ensure that all build-ups or minerals are removed.


We don’t dry the windows with pure water window cleaning since the purified water doesn’t leave any residue. The windows will dry themselves in minutes, leaving you with a perfect, streak-free finish.

Comparing Pure Water and Tap Water: What’s the Difference?

Pure water and tap water are both drinking water sources, but there are some critical differences between the two.

Tap water is the water that comes out of your faucet and is treated by your local water sewage treatment plant. It’s safe to drink but may contain impurities such as minerals, bacteria, and other microscopic particles.

Pure water has been filtered to remove impurities and is very close to pure H2O. The main difference between pure water and tap water is that pure water has no impurities, while tap water does.

We use purified water in many applications, such as high-rise window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and soft washing, as it does not leave any residue. 

Advanced Pure Water Filtration System for Sparkling Windows

We use only the latest and most advanced pure water system at Shiny Windows for our window cleaning services.

Our process starts with thorough filtration of the water to remove any impurities and minerals that can cause streaking to the windows. This is done through a multi-stage water filtration process, which typically includes filters like:

  • sediment filter
  • carbon filter
  • reverse osmosis low-pressure membrane
  • deionisation vessel

Our pre-filters are specifically designed to remove any dirt, debris, or other contaminants that can quickly damage the reverse osmosis membrane, which is the heart of the filtration system. We also use sediment and carbon filters to ensure the water is immaculate and free of any chemicals, chlorine, or other pollutants that can cause discolouration or staining on the windows.

A Water Fed Pole System is window cleaning equipment that utilises a long extendable lightweight pole and a brush with water jets. The System uses pure water fed through the pole and out of the brush jets. The brush agitates dirt and debris while the water rinses it away. The windows are left to dry naturally, as the purified water is free of minerals, so it will not leave any spots or streaks on the windows.

The Benefits of Using a Water-Fed Window Cleaning System

Water-fed poles offer several advantages when it comes to cleaning windows.


The most significant benefit is safety, as they allow window cleaners to work from the ground. This is especially important given the many hazards associated with cleaning at height, such as uneven ground, strong winds, and unexpected events. Additionally, the water-fed pole system eliminates the need for dangerous manoeuvres, such as balancing on ladders or stretching to reach high areas, reducing the risk of accidents.

Environmental Benefits

Another advantage of the pure water system is that it’s environmentally friendly. Traditional window cleaning methods can be harsh on the environment, often requiring chemicals. On the other hand, the Water Fed Pole System uses only purified water, which is not detrimental to the environment.

Thorough cleaning

Another benefit is the ability to easily clean all parts of the window, including the glass, frames, and sills. The telescopic pole is equipped with brush and water jets that can reach into grooves and corners of modern window frames, often made of uPVC, where dirt and debris can accumulate. This ensures that the windows are thoroughly cleaned and left spotless.

Weather versatility

We can use a Water-fed pole system in various weather conditions. They are not limited by weather, unlike traditional cleaning methods, which may be unsafe in certain weather conditions such as high winds or rain. Extendable poles eliminate the need for ladders, making it a safer option for the cleaner and the property. This feature makes the system ideal for cleaning windows on rainy days when ladders become slippery and dangerous. With water-fed pole systems, window cleaning can be done safely and efficiently, no matter the weather.


High-reach cleaning

The extendable poles can reach heights of up to 70ft, allowing for the cleaning of hard-to-reach windows that would be difficult or impossible to access with Traditional techniques. This includes windows on high-rise buildings, skylights, roof lights, windows above conservatories or extensions, and more. Using water-fed pole systems eliminates the need for scaffolding or ladders, making it a safer option for the cleaner and the property.

We can’t guarantee you’ll be cleaned every clean on the same day of the week, but we do provide an SMS notification service for people who need it.

On the day of the cleaning, we place a call card invoice through your post box. Customers can conveniently pay online via GoCardless on our website, via BACS and your bank’s Standing Order. Please use your house number, street name and postal code as your payment reference.

Yes, we do, but this is cleaned and quoted separately on request. It is not included in your standard window cleaning quotation.

There are several possibilities. We can call or text ahead, and arrange that you leave a garden gate open, or use ladders to reach it. We will work out any arrangements with you in advance. If we can’t get access to the back of your property due to locked doors, we’ll clean the front and side of your home and charge approximately 75 % of the total clean price.

Every property is different, and prices vary according to size and number of windows to be cleaned. Access issues are also to be taken into consideration. We’ll be happy to come and have a look at your house and provide a quote free of charge.

We take payments to meet your personal needs. Residential and domestic customers can pay by cash. The payment can be made online via GoCardless on our website, via BACS and your bank’s Standing Order. Please use your house number, street name and postal code as your payment reference if using an online method of payment.

We get asked this question very often, and there is no proper answer as it depends on a range of factors.

To begin with, it all comes down to you and your personal preferences; some people would have their windows cleaned every single week if they could or had the time to do it.

Others prefer to have them cleaned once or twice a year however that isn’t something we would recommend as we get lots of houses for a first clean that are badly stained from having dirt sat on a window for too long that has now eaten into the frames. When this happens, it means the only option is either restoration or in the worst-case scenario, a complete replacement.

The rule of thumb is four weekly keeps your windows and frames regularly clean. Whereas every eight weeks you will see them being noticeably dirty and as such cleaning them then will give you the most significant impact but still keep on top of it, so there isn’t a chance for anything to stain or cause any damage.

Areas with lots of overhanging or nearby trees we always suggest are done every four weeks because the sap, leaves and dust causes them to look dirty a lot quicker.

Just call us, and we’ll book you in for a free quote. You don’t have to do anything for regular cleaning. After the first service, we will book you in a monthly slot. We will then send you a reminder by text or email before we come.

Sure, we can. The system of pure water purification is still useful in the rain. Rainwater is relatively pure, so the quality of the clean is not affected. If you’d instead reschedule, that’s fine. We’re so confident in our service, though, that if you’re not completely satisfied with your cleaning, we’ll come back and correct it free of charge.

This is very simple – if you’re not completely satisfied with our service, call us, and we’ll arrange to come and clean your windows again free of charge.

We do provide an SMS notification service. The message is normally sent the day prior to our visit.


Professional Internal Window Cleaning Services

At Shiny Windows, we specialise in providing professional internal window cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients. We employ only the most advanced cleaning methods and state-of-the-art products to guarantee that your windows are left spotless. Utilising eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure that the health and well-being of you and your loved ones are never compromised.

Final Inspection Guarantees Satisfaction

Our experts commence by comprehensively evaluating the inside windows to be cleaned and identifying any areas that require extra attention. We eliminate accumulated grime and dirt from the internal glass and frames using specialised tools and specially formulated cleaning solutions.

Once the cleaning process is finished, we subject each window to a final examination to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards. This commitment to attention to detail and excellence sets us apart from our competitors and guarantees our customer’s complete satisfaction with the results.


Affordable Interior Window Cleaning Packages and Scheduling

Additionally, we provide adaptable scheduling and reasonably priced packages from £45 to meet your home window cleaning requirements. Trust in our company to exceed your expectations and deliver spotless windows.

Frequency of Inside Window Cleaning

We advise cleaning the interior of your windows at least once every three months. You should clean your windows more frequently if you live close to a construction site or in an area with high pollution levels. And also if you have pets or kids because of an increase in fingerprints and smudges on the glass.

Yes we clean windows all year. We don’t work in heavy snow, strong winds or heavy rain/thunderstorms though.

Yes, of course. You can give us a call or send us an email to inform us about your decision. Please let us know about the reason for your cancellation.

Yes, we do. Some clients are in need of a one-off wash. These are charged at a higher rate than regular service as more cleaning is often required in the windows.