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Regular Service Plan

Most gutter cleaning experts agree that gutters should be maintained twice a year ideally in the spring and fall. Sign up for our regular service plan for gutter cleaning and never think again about arranging your gutter cleaning service. We will clean your gutters on our fall or spring schedule and notify you the week before your expected cleaning to let you know we’re coming.
Our trained professionals will get the job done quickly with specialist equipment. Regular gutter cleaning will help maintain your home and avoid water damage.

Gutter cleaning prices Nottingham

How much does our gutter cleaning service cost?  The overall bill would mainly be affected by property type and size and thus the length of the guttering. Shiny Windows provides gutter cleaning services with a price from 25 pounds.

Gutter Cleaning Bungalow

Price from £25

*In order to provide a cleaning service, we need access to energy and access from the front and back to the property.
*We don’t clear gutters with gutter guards and downpipes below ground.

Gutter Cleaning Semi Detached

Price from £40

*In order to provide a cleaning service, we need access to energy and access from the front and back to the property.
*We don’t clear gutters with gutter guards and downpipes below ground.

Gutter Cleaning Detached

Price from £50

*In order to provide a cleaning service, we need access to energy and access from the front and back to the property.
*We don’t clear gutters with gutter guards and downpipes below ground.

Gutter Cleaning Terrace

Price from £40

*In order to provide a cleaning service, we need access to energy and access from the front and back to the property.
*We don’t clear gutters with gutter guards and downpipes below ground.

What clients are saying

Darek arrived with all the right equipment on time and fixed the gutter issue and left it clean and tidy. With the job done and the cost, I was more than pleased. He was very supportive and highly skilled. I will recommend Shiny Windows and use them again. Without any doubt, I am a satisfied customer.

Richard, Nottingham, West Bridgford ★★★★★

First-class, very competent service, an outstanding job of fixing and clearing my gutters that created a damp problem. The best quote was given. Thank you Shiny Windows so much. Fantastic service, from start to finish. Referral to friends and relatives. 

Helen, Nottingham, Sneinton ★★★★★

Really satisfied with the provision of service. They arrived on time, the service was fast, polite, effective and before and after pictures were given to us to see the amount of work completed. I would highly recommend this gutter cleaning service and would probably use it again if appropriate.


Terence, Notingham, Mapperley ★★★★★

In my local area, I was searching for a gutter cleaning company and found Shiny Windows on google. In a short amount of time, I got an immediate quote over the mobile and availability. They use software that can display your property online and offer reliable quotes, which makes them special. Excellent job is done, very knowledgeable and excellent customer support I will probably use them again and suggest them to others.

Diana, Nottingham, Carlton ★★★★★

There were damp problems on the wall of the bedroom related to blocked gutters. All gutters have been cleared at a fair market price. Professional and reliable gutter cleaning service in Nottingham. We will certainly use them again. 

Katie, Nottingham, Colwick ★★★★★

Shiny Windows would certainly be my first option, if possible, in the future for gutter cleaning service. Done a fantastic job of cleaning the gutters and the photo before and after means, I could see the job that was done, something you wouldn’t usually see unless you walked up a ladder!

Jonathan, Nottingham, Sherwood ★★★★★

Excellent Service. Very impressed with the results. Very friendly and punctual would recommend to businesses and the public.

Lucinda, Nottingham, Arnold ★★★★★

Our gutters and fascia boards were cleaned to a very high standard by Shiny Windows company. Professional and welcoming service, and highly recommended. Five stars plus!

Rowland, Nottingham, Bestwood ★★★★★

I’m very pleased with the service. Fast answers to our enquiries and did a fantastic job with our gutters in a terrible state. I would certainly recommend to friends and family. 

Charlotte, Nottingham, Bulwell ★★★★★

Shiny Windows did an incredibly thorough job of cleaning up my house’s gutters. They took the time to ensure that all debris and plants were cleared from the gutters and downpipes. I will recommend them to anyone who wants to completely clear their gutters at a fair price.


Stephen, Nottingham, Basford ★★★★★

Satisfied with Shiny Windows. Simple to arrange guttering service via the website, after the appointment was arranged, excellent contact from Darek, and he becomes on time. With photo proof and all to our satisfaction, the job was done quickly and efficiently. I will definitely use them again.

Angela, Nottingham, Radford ★★★★★

On the guidance of friends, we contacted Shiny Windows and were most impressed with the pace and quality of work – the team arrived precisely on time and the entire gutter clearing was the most professional. Before and after the various photos of our gutters, we were especially impressed!

Harry, Nottingham, Lenton ★★★★★

Outstanding gutter cleaning service arrived precisely on time and was detailed and attentive. Pictures in every gutter before and after. I consider the service to be good value, given the amount of time spent on cleaning.

Deborah, Nottingham, Aspley ★★★★★

I’m glad that the gutters were cleared in my three-storey property. Have peace of mind now. Before, during, and after the visit, Shiny Windows offered great support. Exceptionally skilled and competitively priced. Greatly recommended! We were impressed with the various images of our gutters before and after clearing!

Greg, Nottingham, Wollaton ★★★★★

For cleaning my gutters and fascias, I recently used Shiny Windows. I was highly satisfied with the results of service and I was kept aware of progress at all times by the operator.

Janine, Nottingham, Bilborough ★★★★★

Transparent prices, easy to use the website. Nice contact with Darek to schedule time and date, showed up right on time to get jobs done. It was the example of professionalism, clearly describing what he was going to do. I was given before and after photographs of the work that was done after the job was completed.

Steven, Nottingham, Beeston ★★★★★

Outstanding content offered by Darek from Shiny Windows. He was on time and conducted a very effective clearing of all our gutters’ leaves. He was quite respectful and courteous. In recommending him we would have no hesitation. Indeed, he’s already booked with our neighbours. 

Maureen, Nottingham, Clifton ★★★★★

    How do you clean guttering without a ladder?

    With the support of our innovative powerful gutter cleaning system, our company specializes in cleaning gutters in a safe, effective and fast way. Gutters can be cleaned from the safety of the ground level in almost all cases, without the need for ladders, but all our teams bring ladders just in case anything needs to be removed by hand.

    How often do I need to clean my gutters?

    It depends on the seasons and trees around your house, Usually, the quick answer to this question is that we suggest sweeping your gutters twice a year, once in late spring and then in early fall. Homeowners with trees and plants directly over the gutters may need more regular gutters cleaning, somewhere between 2 and 4 times a year.

    Which method of gutters cleaning is most effective?

    The best option is to use a vacuum system with a mounted camera or if there is a blockage, clutter can be removed by hand using a ladder. With the camera, we can see your gutters from the safety of the ground level. You will be sent before and after pictures of your gutters from our system’s camera so you can see what we’ve done.

    What is the right time to get the gutters cleaned?

    You can potentially have your gutters cleaned at any time. During dry months gutter cleaning is easy to do. In the winter months, it can be difficult to clean the drain because of all the mud and water. 

    Do I have to be at home when you come to clean my gutters?

    Yeah, if possible. In the best case, the technician will come, clean the gutters and leave his invoice in your mailbox. Please be sure to leave the back gate open to get access to the backyard.

    Is gutter cleaning necessary?

    Your guttering is a crucial part of your property’s drainage structure and needs to be well-maintained. Clogged gutters contribute to several issues, standing water, trap insects may lead to mould inside and outside your gutters, and soil accumulation which can obstruct your gutters.