Water-fed pole window cleaning has revolutionised how window cleaning can be done, not only saving a lot of time but also providing a better finish, if not the same quality. In this post, we are discussing the many advantages of water-fed pole systems.

You can’t put a price on safety, and you ensure your safety with a water-fed pole system. Operating on the ground is naturally much better for you and your staff, eliminating the many dangers involved in working a ladder throughout the day. If you’ve been using the traditional method for many years, using a water-fed pole system might sound daunting, but relaxing is much easier than you might think. Complete simplifies the window cleaning process, and the methodology required to use these systems can be quickly learned.

The traditional method can be a significant strain on your stamina and physical health while going up and down ladders all day and reaching out to clean places hard to reach. Water-fed pole systems are much less physically demanding, and there is no need to hold large buckets of water anywhere. Modern water-fed pole systems have been engineered to be lightweight.

In contrast to other methods that may be unsafe in certain weather conditions, you can use water-fed pole systems in almost all weather conditions. Due to the use of extendable poles, the need for ladders is eliminated, making water-fed pole systems suitable for rainy days. 

You will be able to operate at maximum speed and efficiency due to the lightweight and rigidity of the water-fed poles. You can use the same amount of time in the future to do the work and therefore you can gain more money.

 We use the water-fed pole method to do window cleaning, and clients are delighted with this method. Furthermore, it provides a fantastic clean, every time we clean all frames, sills, glass & uPVC doors. It is something that customers love.