Domestic Window Cleaning Nottingham

domestic window cleaning nottinghamShiny Windows provides professional domestic window cleaning services to homes across the whole of the Nottingham area.

Our company use a range of window cleaning methods. We can offer traditional window cleaning or the water-fed pole system which can extend to great heights for those challenging to reach areas such as windows above conservatories or three-storey properties.

We are covered by public liability insurance. No job too large or too small!
Clean and shiny windows can make a significant difference in your home’s atmosphere.

We know that windows are an essential part of any home, and understand the value of having your windows looking spotless, inside and out.

We give our domestic customers peace of mind by offering a variety of window cleaning options using a variety of methods to leave your windows in the best possible condition.

Window cleaning, however, is a big work, and can be boring and exhausting, let alone risky.
Our reliable cleaners will be happy to assist you with all the cleaning needs of your house. We are working to reach complete and absolute customer loyalty with everything we do. Our highest priority is your complete, absolute satisfaction.

The combination of traditional methods with a pure water system enables us to have the best solution for residential window cleaning. To hit buildings at all heights, our team remains on the ground using the Water Fed Pole System.

If you need to hire a professional Nottingham Window Cleaning service, call Shiny Windows today. Our respectful and courteous staff will be happy to assist you in every way we can. Our experienced experts will answer all questions related to cleaning your house. Today we can schedule your appointment.

Why choose Shiny Windows services

  • We provide a specialised service tailored to the needs of your home.

  • Our highly experienced cleaners will keep your glass streak-free and clear. We clean the entire window; glass, frames, and sills.

  •  With our specialised equipment and expertise, we know and use the best methods to clean every kind of window.

  •  Since we use both traditional cleaning tools and more modern techniques, we provide a flexible cleaning service that can meet your every need. 

  • Our water-fed pole system also allows us to clean hard to reach areas with no safety risk to you or our team. With no need for ladders, our service is efficient and presents no risk of damage to your property.

  • We also keep a weather-eye on the market to make sure our prices for window cleaning in Nottingham remain among the most competitive in town. Before we even start, we will provide you with a free quote on your service, and you will then know precisely how much it will cost you because of our promise that there are no hidden costs with us.

  • With no need for ladders, our service is efficient and presents no risk of damage to your property.

How We Clean Windows?

  • Pure water treatment – Secret to a streak-free shiny windows is the water. Our process is environmentally friendly.
    We use pure water that has been specially processed without adding detergents or chemicals.
    Pure de-ionized water is produced using a 4 stage treatment system of reverse osmosis and mixed bed dematerializing resin, as the water is pure it dries without leaving any marks.
    We don’t use any harsh chemicals or ladders in the process, therefore there is no risk of damage to your property.

  • Water-Fed Pole – We use the latest Water Fed Pole technology, to keep your windows spotless all year round. Cleaning windows with Water Fed Pole is efficient, cost-effective and safe. Water Fed Pole system with pure water has eliminated the need for conventional methods of cleaning carried out from a ladder. The effect is an efficient and secure service delivery without getting off the ground.

  • We also offer traditional window cleaning methods for internal windows. Using the traditional window cleaning methods becomes less popular due to the hazardous nature of using ladders. Strict health & safety regulations and increased costs of insurance are enticing window cleaners to use other methods.

Get reliable and competent cleaning services from Shiny Windows

To ensure the tidy and renewed look of your windows and property exterior, save precious time and effort and book window cleaning for your Nottingham property or office.