Window Cleaning Wollaton NG8 Nottingham. Your Local Window Cleaner

window-cleaning-wollatonShiny Windows offer high-quality window cleaning service throughout the Wollaton NG8 Nottingham area. We always deliver excellent results, guaranteeing your windows and conservatories are always shining.
In the unlikely case, you’re not entirely happy with any of the services we offer, we’ll reclean free of charge and no questions asked. Our customer loyalty is an essential aspect for us, and that is why we are going out of our way to provide the best service.

We Use Both Traditional or Pure Water Window Cleaning Method in Wollaton NG8

Traditional and water fed-pole system window cleaning options we provide throughout Wollaton NG8 for residential and commercial properties. Our device enables us to provide cost-effective, safety high-reach window cleaning from ground level up to 60ft.
The water-fed-pole system uses pure water as it cleans windows without the need for any chemical products; it’s a much more environmentally friendly cleaning method. This method leaves no soapy residue, so the windows remain cleaner for a more extended period. As cleaning products can cause harm over time, it is also convenient for conservatories, skylights and solar panel cleaning.

As Standard We Clean Windows, Doors, Sills and Frames Every Time

We will send you a text message or e-mail the day before your cleaning, letting you know that we will be with you the next day, it helps to ensure that any doors remain open. Our staff will then come and do your cleaning the next day. We will clean as usual all your doors, windows, window frames and sills. When our team finish the job, we will inform you through e-mail or text. Payments are also very convenient; the most efficient way of doing this is to use our direct debit system. The amount finish is taken only when a clean is complete. Payments can also be made online with bank debit or credit card through our payment page.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Service in Wollaton NG8 With Gutter Vacuum

With the latest technologies Gutter Vacuum, we provide gutter cleaning in Wollaton NG8 Nottingham. Our specialist equipment helps us to clean a gutter where it is difficult to reach, for example, three storeys properties or above a conservatory.
Twigs and moss, creating blockages and can slow down the flow of rainwater, and preventing it from draining away completely.
It would take the best route to escape as the water is unable to flow into the downpipe and on to soak away.
In certain situations, due to the weight of the material accumulated within the channel, the guttering can be impaired.
It can overflow if the water can not get away and can ultimately lead to damp issues in the interior of your house.
Inundation can be severe because, due to a lack of simple maintenance, many insurance firms also fail to pay for this form of issue.
Exterior walls dry out, but if the moisture penetrates through to your plaster, paint and flooring, substantial repairs may be required.
We are local and offer professional gutter cleaning service in Nottingham including Wollaton area.

If you need a reliable, trustworthy window cleaning company, you have reached the right place. Call Shiny Windows on 07826852378 or get in touch by visiting our contact page. With your request, one of our friendly customer service experts will assist you and arrange for a quote.