Window Cleaning Bestwood

window cleaning bestwood

High-Quality Window Cleaning in Bestwood.

Shiny Windows provide high-quality cleaning services in the Bestwood area.
We know your windows must be kept clean throughout the year. You won’t regret it when you hire us as your window cleaner. If you have a 3-story high house or stay in a bungalow, we have the equipment to do the job right.

“Reach and Wash” system.

We use telescopic carbon poles designed to reach up to 80 feet, and the brushes are gentle that your window frames don’t get affected.  Pure water is provided directly to the window to achieve the highest level of cleaning in all areas. Water-fed cleaning is also known as “Reach and Wash” because it can be used over conservatories, hard-to-reach areas, and three-storey buildings.
One main point is that we are not only cleaning the glass, but we are also cleaning frames and all to keep it free from dust, dirt and moulds. Working exclusively with filtered water and a “High and Reach” cleaning system, you can guarantee that you get the highest quality of service.

Shiny Windows also specialize in conservatory cleaning.

As a further service from a wide range of cleaning services, Shiny Windows also offers conservatory cleaning. This service is provided as a comprehensive for interior and exterior or just part clean to suit your needs.

Another thing we are good at is correctly cleaning the conservatory roofs. Getting it completed according to our high expectations can be a time-consuming and challenging task. Conservatory Roofs are washed on request and not included in the quoted price of your standard window cleaning. These are cleaned on request and charged extra due to the amount of work required although the remaining part of your conservatory windows and doors are included as part of your regular clean.

We can provide the highest quality window cleaning service in Bestwood, depending on the type of property you own. Whether our customers demand a traditional window cleaning system using a ladder, or the latest advanced method of our reach and wash system, we have a window cleaning technique to suit all preferences. We guarantee that your windows in the Bestwood area will shine and sparkle.

Professional gutter cleaning Bestwood done right

Our professional gutter cleaning Nottingham based company will save you money on costly repairs. Did you know that is the most common cause of water damage in the UK is clogged gutters and downpipes? Yes, gutter blockages can be caused by leaves, dirt, and moss. Blockages prevent rainwater from flowing freely through the gutters.

Overflowing water can cause severe damage to your property.
– Structural damage to foundations
– Basement and leaky roof
– Mold growth and dampness
– Pest infestation
– Landscape and gutter damage
Don’t delay if you see any of these issues. We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice per year.