Window Cleaning Nottingham

Shiny Windows offers professional, external and internal window cleaning services in Nottingham.
Our highly experienced cleaners will keep your glass streak-free and clear. We clean  the entire window; glass, frames and sills.
Whether it’s a one off deep window cleaning, or regular monthly widow clean we treat each and every customer with the same care and attention.
If you are in need of window cleaning services, you don’t need to look any further as Shiny Windows proudly lead the way.


How We Clean Windows?

  • Pure water treatment – Secret to a streak free shiny windows is the water. Our process is environmentally friendly.
    We use pure water that has been specially processed without adding detergents or chemicals.
    Pure de-ionised water is produced using a 4 stage treatment system of reverse osmosis and mixed bed dematerialising resin, as the water is pure it dries without leaving any marks.
    We don’t use any harsh chemicals or ladders in the process, therefore there is no risk of damage to your property.

  • Water-Fed Pole – We use the latest Water Fed Pole technology, to keep your windows spotless all year round. Cleaning windows with Water Fed Pole is efficient, cost effective and safe.